Political Action

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Political Action

Why Is Political Action Important?

Leaders at the city, state, and federal levels aren’t always aware of how a proposed law or piece of legislation may affect Credit Unions and members.  With your participation we can ensure that lawmakers are aware when they’re deciding how to vote.

How Can I Get Involved?

Check this page on a regular basis. Contact a member of Congress when we notify you.  Usually actions take no more than 2 to 3 minutes but the benefits to you and 92 million Credit Union members across the nation are enormous.

It’s About Credit Unions — Not Political Parties

Our concern is making sure that leaders on both sides of the aisle and in-between are aware of what policies are best for Credit Unions and their members.

What’s Happening Currently?

Visit CUNA’s GrassRoots Action Center to find out!

How Can I Stay Up-to-Date on Current Elections and Issues?

Visit CUNA’s Election Page to stay abreast of current issues, and to find out when and where we may need your help.


ActorsFCU CFO Milena Karavaltcheva attended CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference from February 21-24th, 2016, to make sure NYS's Congressional delegation were aware of issues important to the members of ActorsFCU. Ms. Karavaltcheva is second from the right.

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