Our Leadership

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In 1962, actors were having difficulty getting credit. In fact, one AEA member, when denied credit at a local department store, was told that he was being denied because he was an actor. This very member proceeded to raise the issue at an AEA meeting.  When asked if anyone would care to take up the challenge of starting a credit union for those of us in the acting profession, one member raised his hand: Conrad Bain.

Bain, along with six others—Anthony Saverino, Robin Craven, Herb Nelson, Theodore Bikel, Angus Duncan, and Bill Ross—incorporated Actors Federal Credit Union in 1962 with help from Leo Schwarz, Field Representative of the New York League of Credit Unions.

Board of Directors

Denise Nolin, Chairperson

Dee Hoty, Vice-Chairperson

Paul Cole, Secretary/Treasurer

William Gilinsky

Paul Ames

Alex Kattwinkel

Stephen Burrow

Carin Ford

Jay Blumenthal

Supervisory Committee

Ron Brown, Chair

Sandra M. Bloom

Alex Kattwinkel

Uriel Menson

Tara King

Board Presidents and Chairpersons

Conrad Bain: 1962 – 1963, 1966 – 1975

Herbert Nelson: 1963 – 1966

Alvin Lum: 1975 – 1980

Gil Rogers: 1980 – 1983

Jeff Rodman: 1983 – 1999

Denise Nolin: 1999 – Present

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