Credit Cards

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If you want smoother transactions and more convenient payments, we have a card tailored to your needs. Apply for a VISA Rewards or VISA Secured credit card now!


24/7 Cardholder Access: You can view & manage your Actors FCU credit card account via our online banking website or mobile app. Enjoy expanded card management features such as reviewing transactions, pending activity, payment information, statements, custom alerts, e-statements, and more!
24/7 Cardholder Service: Call 1-646-867-6906 for immediate assistance with your credit card. Including balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement requests or even to dispute a charge.
Digital Wallet: Your new card will include the latest technology, including support for use in digital wallets! (i.e.: Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay)
Contactless Transactions : Look for the contactless symbol at payment terminals to save time!
Safe and Secure: Every chip transaction and every contactless transaction includes a unique code, helping to protect against fraud and keep your information safe.

Rewards Card 

Empower your financial journey with the Rewards Credit Card from Actors Federal Credit Union, offering outstanding features and competitive interest rates to keep you in control. 

Earn points on everyday purchases with our Visa Rewards Credit Card. 

Terms And Conditions Applicable to the Visa® Credit Card to Which You Agree

Secured Card

If you're aiming to strengthen your credit, our Secured Card is tailor-made for you! Cultivate healthy financial habits by managing a controlled budget. 

Manage a limited budget, while you build up your credit with our Visa Secured Credit Card.

Terms And Conditions Applicable to the Visa® Credit Card to Which You Agree

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